Alameda is the island in the center. Six miles long and about a mile and a half wide. Three bridges and one underwater tube connect it to the mainland: Oakland, Emeryville, Berkeley are above Alameda. Three miles of water between us and San Francisco. San Francisco is at the far left.

The University Of California at Berkeley is eleven miles from Alameda. The University Of California is the large open space in the upper right corner.

Alameda facts:
  Population:  79,500 
  Distance to SF: three miles (over water!) 
  Beach: Six miles of real, no kidding, sandy beach 
  Land Area: An island, 6.3 miles long & 1.5 wide  
  Access: underwater tube, bridge, draw bridge  
  Weather: the best, mild, not too hot, not too cold  
  Schools: Good! Including the Alameda Junior           College and the School Of Professional           Psychology, excellent middle schools
  Companies: Computer Associates, Ascend           Communications, Wind River Systems, GEO,           Spectrum Holobyte, & etc., and a ton of           marina's and boat brokerages.

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